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The service catalogue of offerings from QRIScloud is found here:

 QRISCloud will need more information of the researcher's computations before approval:

  • The topic / field or research
  • The software (applications, etc) to be run
  • The dimensions of computation: how much memory, how many cores, MPI or not, how many jobs, walltimes, etcetera.


If lots of memory is needed, options are the large memory nodes or flashlite.

  • Special compute "big memory" nodes will go to ~900GB (virtualized)
  • Flashlite physical nodes go to 512GB (non-virtualized)
  • Using vSMP, multiple Flashlite nodes can be stitched together to form a "supernode" with up to 8TB.

Computing Cluster: Awoonga

This is similar to gowonda and runs a batching system.


Please follow the link to "register to use Awoonga"



This is a large memory node. Flashlite physical nodes go to 512GB (non-virtualized)

Please follow the link to register to use FlashLite


User documentation for new FlashLite users is currently being assembled, and it will be made available in the future.

Additional instructions for NCMAS CIs and users are here:

Bulletins on Flashlite and awoonga's current operational status may accessed via the Service Status link on the RCC website:

The awoonga and Flashlite FAQs can be found here: and here:, and there is a "known issues" page for all QRIScloud services here:

In general, you have a question or problem regarding FlashLite, please raise a new QRIScloud support request by emailing For further support options, please visit



Specialised Nodes: GPU


Azure Cloud Resources

You may lodge a request to obtain resources on azure by filling this form



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